Korean Moon Festival|秋夕

Korean Moon Festival

by William Ryan

Taiwan is not the only place in the world that celebrates the Moon Festival.

  The Korean Moon Festival known as Chuseok(秋夕)is believed to have originated from ancient celebrations of the harvest moon, probably as a worship ritual. In modern times, Korean people mark the three-day celebration with visits to their ancestral hometown and by eating traditional Korean foods. The Chuseok Festival _(1)_ on the 15th day of the eighth month of the lunar calendar. It is a happy time that brings families together in celebration and _(2)_. It is also an expression of ancestral respect. Chuseok is a lively, spirited occasion with traditional customs _(3)_ full display. Ancestral worship rituals are performed in the early morning of the first day at the eldest son's home. There are many rounds of bowing while kneeling, as the ancestors are offered food and wine. After the ceremony, the food is taken away and _(4)_ for the family to eat. Next, the family visits the tombs of its _(5)_ ancestors. The tomb site is cleaned and food that has been set aside from the meal is placed at the tomb.

  Chuseok is a time for special foods like songpyeon. These delicious Korean rice cakes are prepared from newly harvested rice and pine needles, finely _(6)_ into dough and filled with toasted sesame seeds, chestnuts, or peas sweetened with honey or sugar. During Chuseok there are also wrestling matches, martial arts displays, tug of war games, and _(7)_ performances by women and children of a traditional folk dance called Ganggangsullae.

1. (A) plunges (B) descends (C) drops (D) falls

2. (A) employment (B) royalty (C) gratitude (D) management

3. (A) in (B) to (C) on (D) with

4. (A) imitated (B) rearranged (C) blended (D) conquered

5. (A) conservative (B) experimental (C) informative (D) immediate

6. (A) ground (B) grounded (C) grind (D) grinding

7. (A) luxurious (B) tolerable (C) spectacular (D) miserable






答案: 1. D 2. C 3. C 4. B 5. D

6. A 7. C



Korean Moon Festival|秋夕