Ridley Scott: One of the World's(a)|鬼才电影制作人:雷利.史考特

Ridley Scott: One of the World's

Most Accomplished Filmmakers

by Brian Foden

Ridley Scott is famous for a lot more than just making great science fiction movies.

  Ridley Scott is known as one of the most talented directors and producers in the world, and many of his films have become classics and huge box office hits. Two of Scott's most memorable films are Alien and Blade Runner, and he returned to the science fiction genre in 2012 with Prometheus. However, he has dabbled in much more than sci-fi and has been involved in a diverse range of movies, from Gladiator in 2000, which was set in ancient Rome, to Thelma & Louise, a 1991 movie about two American women on the run from the law. Scott's contributions to film have been so great that he was awarded knighthood in England in 2003, enabling him to put the title Sir in front of his name.

  Scott was born in northeastern England in 1937 and moved around to different parts of the country, Wales, and Germany during his early years. After returning to the UK following World War II, he later attended the Royal College of Art, where he helped develop the film department. In the early 1960s, Scott worked for the BBC before creating a film and commercial production company with his brother Tony in 1968. His first major success occurred when he directed Alien, a movie that thrilled audiences upon its release in 1979. Blade Runner followed in 1982, which was initially a box office failure but is now considered one of Scott's true masterpieces. Despite the success Scott has experienced in his career, some of his movies, such as Legend, Matchstick Men, and Black Rain, were somewhat disappointing both financially and critically. However, with such a wide range of subject material, no one could accuse Scott of repeating himself.





  雷利.史考特以身为全世界最有才华的导演和制作人之一而为人所知,他的许多电影都已成为经典以及卖座电影票房的保证。史考特最令人难忘的两部电影是《异形》及《银翼杀手》,他也在 2012 年以《普罗米修斯》重返科幻的领域。然而,他所涉足的并非只是科幻电影,他也参与各种类型的电影制作,其中从 2000 年场景设在古罗马的《神鬼战士》,到 1991 年叙述两名美国女子因犯罪而展开逃亡之旅的《末路狂花》。史考特对电影的贡献相当卓越,让他于 2003 年在英国受封爵位,也使得他可以在名字之前加上爵士称号。

  史考特于 1937 年出生在英国东北部,而他在早期也经常往来于英国各地、威尔斯及德国等地。在二次大战后回到英国,后来就读皇家艺术学院,在那里他帮忙扩展电影系。史考特在 1968 年与弟弟东尼.史考特开了一间电影及广告制作公司之前,1960 年代初期都在英国广播公司工作。史考特首次大获成功是在他执导《异形》的时候,这是一部在 1979 年推出且令观众毛骨悚然的电影。随后在 1982 年上映的《银翼杀手》,虽然一开始在票房上失利,但目前却被公认为是史考特真正的杰作之一。尽管史考特在生涯中历经了成功,但他的某些电影,如《黑魔王》、《火柴人》以及《黑雨》,不论在票房上及评论却都让人有点失望。不过,他用来作为拍摄主题的素材相当多,因此没有人会因史考特重覆他所拍摄过的题材而苛责他。





Ridley Scott: One of the World's(a)|鬼才电影制作人:雷利.史考特