Wigging Out|吓破你的『发』

Wigging Out

by Olivia Wycech

Have you ever wanted to change who you were for a day?

  For a variety of reasons, people are always trying to change their appearance. One of the easiest ways to do this is with wigs. They date back _(1)_ ancient cultures as early as the Egyptians, who used them to shield their hairless heads from the sun. For the most part, wigs were used for _(2)_, just as they are today. However, there are far more uses for them now than strictly aesthetic purposes. Wigs are commonly used to cover up baldness and are also used in many _(3)_ practices. In some Commonwealth Nations, wigs are even worn by judges.

  The entertainment industry has _(4)_ the use of wigs in pop culture, and a small company in Indonesia has tapped into this lucrative market. Deep in the jungles of Bali, the Sari Rambut workshop is _(5)_ theatrical wigs for much of Hollywood and Broadway. The company _(6)_ in existence for more than 14 years and owes its fine craftsmanship to the extraordinary skills and hand-eye coordination of its Balinese staff. The wigs are handmade from real human, _(7)_, and animal hair and are knotted, weighed, dyed, and threaded, with some additional ornamentation being added occasionally. This over-the-top styling is what grabs the attention of wig wearers in Hollywood and Broadway's most famed costume designers. Wigs at Sari Rambut are made to order at a variety of prices, so look them up if you're ever in the market for a new look.

1. (A) to (B) for (C) with (D) at

2. (A) democracy (B) innocence (C) poverty (D) fashion

3. (A) grateful (B) durable (C) religious (D) ignorant

4. (A) negotiated (B) invaded (C) popularized (D) disguised

5. (A) educating (B) manufacturing (C) inspecting (D) memorizing

6. (A) was (B) were (C) have been (D) has been

7. (A) miserable (B) artificial (C) tolerable (D) passive





  在流行文化中,演艺圈对假发的运用已相当普及,而在印尼的一家小公司已进军这个利润丰厚的市场。Sari Rambut 藏身于峇里岛的丛林深处,它制造出许多好莱坞和百老汇的戏剧假发。该公司已有超过十四年的历史,其精湛的工艺技术应该归功于卓越的技巧及其峇里岛员工的手眼协调能力。这些假发是由真发、人造发以及动物的毛手工制作而成,然后打结、秤重、染色并交织接发,偶尔还会加上一些额外的装饰。这种极其夸张的款式吸引了好莱坞的假发配戴者以及百老汇最著名的服装设计师的注意。Sari Rambut 的假发是依各种不同价格订制而成,所以如果你哪一天想添购新的行头,不妨查询一下这家假发工厂吧。

答案: 1. A 2. D 3. C 4. C 5. B

6. D 7. B



Wigging Out|吓破你的『发』