The Annoying Bird|多嘴的鸟儿

The Annoying Bird



  Luke wanted a pet, so he went to a pet store. He wasn't sure what animal to buy though. He spotted a colorful parrot and said, "How are you?" Luke was surprised when the bird replied, "How are you?" Right after that, Luke told the pet store clerk that he wanted to purchase the parrot. The clerk looked closely at Luke and asked, "Are you sure you want this parrot?" Luke thought it a strange question for a clerk to ask a customer. "Sure, I think this parrot will be a great pet. It will keep me company." Then, Luke bought a cage and some food for the parrot. On the way home, Luke found that the parrot knew a lot of words. He put the bird in his living room. It repeated almost everything it heard on TV. Even when Luke turned the TV off, the bird kept talking. In the end, all Luke could do was cover his ears so he wouldn't hear his annoying pet talking all the time.






The Annoying Bird|多嘴的鸟儿