A Whale of a Time|『鲸』喜时刻

by Paul Hines

Getting up close and personal with whales.

  Whales hold a special place in the heart of humanity, and there is a great deal of respect for these graceful creatures of the sea. Unfortunately, whales were once hunted to near extinction because whale meat and oil _(1)_ a major industry. Fortunately, action taken by many governments, which banned the hunting of whales, _(2)_ their numbers increase significantly in recent years. This action has _(3)_ created a new whale-based industry called whale watching.

  Humpback whales breed in the warm Pacific Ocean during winter, and feed in the icy Southern Ocean during summer. Between May and November, 17,000 humpback whales make a 10,000 km round-trip from the coast of Antarctica to the northeast tip of Australia. On the trip back south, the adult whales and their calves stop to rest in the warm and peaceful waters off the coast of Hervey Bay, which is a popular Australian holiday destination.

  Each winter, thousands of tourists from around the world board one of Hervey Bay's many whale-watching vessels to get up close and personal with the whales. The whales _(4)_ a spectacular display. They swim in the boat's wake and leap majestically from the water while _(5)_ fountains of water from their spouts. Tour operators are planning to soon introduce a new activity which will actually allow adventurous tourists the opportunity

_(6)_ with the whales. The dangers of swimming _(7)_ a 40-ton whale are obvious, although the activity promises to provide thrill-seekers with a unique and unforgettable experience.

1. (A) fueled (B) evaluated (C) diagnosed (D) tolerated

2. (A) saw (B) seeing (C) had seen (D) has seen

3. (A) miserably (B) habitually (C) inadvertently (D) gorgeously

4. (A) touch on (B) let off (C) put on (D) call off

5. (A) loosening (B) absorbing (C) conquering (D) spraying

6. (A) swimming (B) to swim (C) to swimming (D) swim

7. (A) aboard (B) alongside (C) amid (D) via






答案: 1. A 2. D 3. C 4. C 5. D 6. B 7. B



A Whale of a Time|『鲸』喜时刻