Do You Like to Join Study Groups?

Do You Like to Join Study Groups?



  Joining a study group is the best chance to improve your grades. First and foremost, it allows you to learn from others. Your study partners can share valuable ideas with you that you wouldn't think of by yourself. In addition, participating in study groups motivates you more than studying alone. When preparing for exams by yourself, you may feel bored and distracted. When you know you can contribute something to others, you feel more motivated.

  Not everyone agrees that studying in a group is the best method, however. Some feel that people may become distracted by other members of the group. Others simply work best on their own. To sum up, although studying in a group isn't for everyone, I do think it offers several advantages.





  The value of studying in a group is overrated, in my view. It's often said that group study allows students to benefit from the strengths and insights of all the group members. While this is true to some extent, the opposite is also true. The quality of the study experience in a group is also negatively affected by the weaknesses of each group member. Furthermore, there is a strong tendency to socialize and chat, or even to argue over petty things. In either case, an awful lot of time can be wasted during group study.

  I think studying on one's own is the most efficient, effective means of preparing for exams. If you set up a solid study plan and stick to it, you will likely achieve academic success. For students who have good self-discipline, studying on their own is the superior method.





Do You Like to Join Study Groups?