The Special Joys of Tihar|提哈节 ── 独特的喜悦

by Bruce E. Bagnell

A little-known South Asian festival will light up your life.

  Festivals are celebrations that a whole country or culture joins in. They may be traditional, like the Lunar New Years _(1)_ in China or Israel, religious, like Christmas in Western countries or Ramadan in Muslim ones, or modern and secular such as Independence Day on July 4 in the United States or Double Tenth Day on October 10 in Taiwan. These special days are usually associated with special _(2)_ and food. Wherever and whenever they occur, they are very interesting and a lot of fun.

  Nepal is a small country sandwiched _(3)_ its giant neighbors India and China. Its Tihar Festival, also known as the Festival of Lights, originates from Hinduism in India, but it has developed its own _(4)_ flavor. This five-day festival has specific practices and purposes for each day.

  The first three days are reserved for honoring different animals. The first day _(5)_ around the worship of crows. In most cultures, crows are feared or avoided because of their association with bad luck or even death. During Tihar, however, crows are fed first to keep them happy. With full stomachs, they are less likely to _(6)_. The second day is devoted to _(7)_ dogs, man's best friends. The third day is a very busy one. Cows are worshiped, a common practice throughout the Hindu world. In addition, each household burns candles to welcome Laxmi, the goddess of wealth, into the home. That evening, girls will sing a song typically sung on this occasion.

  The next day, it is the boys' _(8)_ to sing. They go from door to door _(9)_ blessings with their neighbors. The final day _(10)_ brothers and sisters honoring each other with food, decorations, and gifts. It is hard for you to imagine a more colorful, loving, and meaningful festival!

(A) rites (B) honoring (C) observed (D) centers (E) sharing

(F) complain (G) local (H) finds (I) between (J) turn


提哈节 ── 独特的喜悦






答案: 1. C 2. A 3. I 4. G 5. D

6. F 7. B 8. J 9. E 10. H



The Special Joys of Tihar|提哈节 ── 独特的喜悦