South African Rhinos Evacuated from Kruger National Park

South African Rhinos Evacuated from Kruger National Park

  South Africa is home to more than 80 percent of Africa's rhinos. Tragically, the rising price of rhino horns is fueling an increase in poaching of the protected animals. The poaching reached record highs in 2013, with 1,004 rhinos killed. Kruger National Park (KNP), one of the largest protected game reserves in Africa, is home to approximately 11,000 white rhinos and 610 black rhinos. These large populations have made KNP the target of regular attacks by poachers.

  Despite an anti-poaching force of 650 game rangers equipped with two helicopters, two unmanned aerial drones, a specially trained dog unit, and a large number of cameras and motion sensors, the number of attacks continues to rise. Park officials, desperate to save the threatened species, have drawn up a plan to move up to 500 rhinos out of KNP to rhino strongholds throughout South Africa.


  超过百分之八十的非洲犀牛源自南非。不幸的是,犀牛角的价格飙涨使保育动物的盗猎情况逐渐增加。此盗猎行为于 2013 年达到历史新高,有一千零四头犀牛遭到杀害。克留格尔国家公园(简称 KNP是将近一万一千头白犀牛与六百一十头黑犀牛的家园,亦是非洲规模最大的野生动物保护区之一。这些庞大的犀牛总数已让克留格尔国家公园成为盗猎者经常攻击的目标。



Top Ebola Doctor Dies of Disease

  The Ebola virus outbreak in the coastal African nations of Guinea, Sierra Leone, and Liberia has claimed the life of a national hero. Sierra Leone's leading virologist, Dr. Shiek Umar Khan, had been leading the fight to control the epidemic which has claimed more and more lives since this March. The doctor had been personally responsible for the treatment and recovery of 100 patients stricken with the highly infectious disease. In early August, he developed symptoms and was moved to an isolation ward run by the medical charity, Doctors Without Borders.

  Sierra Leonean Health Minister, Miatta Kargbo, said she was in tears upon hearing the news and vowed to spare no effort to save the doctor's life. Unfortunately, attempts to save the doctor failed. He passed away on August 14, days before the nation's president was scheduled to pay him a visit to personally thank the doctor for his efforts. Dr. Shiek Umar Khan will be remembered as a true hero by a grateful nation.







South African Rhinos Evacuated from Kruger National Park