Will Robots Make Human Workers Obsolete?

Will Robots Make Human Workers Obsolete?

  In 1908, American car manufacturer Henry Ford did something that would change the world forever. In a time when most people used horses to get around, Ford introduced Model T cars, which were produced on an assembly line in less than six hours. Before then, cars were outrageously expensive and took at least 12 hours to make. With the assembly line, Ford perfected the technique of having machines move parts around. This, in turn, reduced the time it took to make cars and also lowered the price of automobiles significantly. By 1914, Ford had nearly 50 percent of the car market and had become a very wealthy man. By perfecting the assembly line, he showed companies how to move forward into the future. Nowadays, robots do a lot of the work that people used to do. This means that many people have lost their jobs to robots and technology. Will there be a time in the future where people are not needed?

  While computers and robots are great for doing certain jobs, humans will always be in demand. For example, computers cannot be creative. Programming a robot to copy the Mona Lisa would not be a problem probably. However, if someone tried to program a computer to make a painting as great as the Mona Lisa, it would probably fail. The same goes for creating technology because no matter how much technology is inside of a robot, it will never be able to create the next iPhone. Only humans can do that.



  1908 年,美国的汽车制造商亨利‧福特做了一项永远改变世界的创举。在一个大多数人都骑马代步的时代,福特引进了一种在装配线上不到六小时就能完工的 T 型汽车。在那之前,汽车价格贵得离谱,制造时间更需要至少十二小时。有了装配线,福特把用机器来移动零件的这项技术提升到完美的地步。此举进而减少了制造汽车的时间,汽车的价格也因此大幅下降。截至 1914 年,福特的汽车市占率已将近百分之五十,他也变得非常富裕。藉由精进装配线,他向其他公司展现了如何迈向未来。如今,许多曾经需要人类操作的工作,都改由机器人接手。这意味着许多人都因为机器人和科技而失业了。会不会在将来的某一天这个世界都不再需要人类了呢?

  尽管计算机和机器人确实能够将某些工作做得很好,但我们依旧是需要人力的。举例而言,计算机并没有创造力。用程序设定机器人复制《蒙娜丽莎》或许不成问题。然而,如果有人想要用程序设定计算机画出一幅和《蒙娜丽莎》一样伟大的画作,大概就会失败。科技的创新也是如此,因为无论一个机器人内部的科技有多先进,它绝对没有办法创造出下一代的 iPhone。只有人类做得到。



Will Robots Make Human Workers Obsolete?