Fun and Fabulous Sinchon(b)|活力四射的新村

Fun and Fabulous Sinchon

by Daniel Howard

This is where Seoul's young people go to have fun.

  A popular attraction in Sinchon is Yonsei University, a beautiful green campus full of old European-style buildings covered in ivy. It was established in 1885 by American missionaries, and it was fully formed as it is today in 1957 when it merged with the Severance Union Medical College. The medical school is also the site of one of Seoul's best hospitals, Severance Hospital. Also nearby is the Ewha Womans University, not as popular as an attraction but one of the most prestigious schools in South Korea. It was founded in 1886, also by American missionaries.

  The street leading from Yonsei University to the Sinchon Subway Station is known as Yonsei College Street. Like the rest of the neighborhood, its shops and restaurants light up at night with glowing neon, and the side streets full of little restaurants and bars are brimming with students and tourists alike. The fashion district near Ewha Womans University is the best place to check out the hottest trends, and it is conveniently located on the street leading from the Ewha Subway Station to the university.

  The Sinchon Train Station is another historic attraction. Among the glowing neon and glittering buildings, the train station stands out as being from another era. The Sinchon Train Station has been in continuous use since it was built in 1920. It has changed very little since then, being just a ticket booth and quaint waiting area. It was originally part of the rail line that ran all the way through Korea before the Korean War, but it now ends at the demilitarized zone that separates South Korea from North Korea.



  在新村,延世大学是个非常热门的景点,它是一座美丽的绿色校园,放眼望去皆是爬满常春藤的旧式欧风建筑。延世大学是由美国传教士于 1885 年所创办的,1957 年与世博兰斯医科大学合并而成为现今的模样。该医科大学也是塞布兰斯医院的所在地,是首尔最棒的医院之一。同样位于附近的梨花女子大学虽然不是非常有名的观光景点,但它是南韩极负盛名的大学之一。该校也是由美国传教士所创办,建立于 1886 年。


  新村火车站是另一个历史景点。在闪耀的霓虹灯与闪闪发亮的高楼中,该火车站就像来自另一个时代那样显眼突出。新村火车站自 1920 年建造以来一直延用至今。从那时起到现在,它并没有太大的改变,依旧只有个售票亭与古色古香的候车区。韩战爆发之前,新村火车站最初即是贯穿整个韩国铁路线的一部份,然而如今却停留在将南北韩分隔两地的非军事区域。



Fun and Fabulous Sinchon(b)|活力四射的新村