Fun and Fabulous Sinchon|活力四射的新村

Fun and Fabulous Sinchon

by Daniel Howard

This is where Seoul's young people go to have fun.

  At the crossroads of several of South Korea's largest universities is Sinchon. Also called Sinchon-dong, the area is a neighborhood with many forms of entertainment for young people. Near the Ewha Womans University is a shopper's paradise, especially for women's fashions. Sinchon is also the location of the Hyundai Department Store. There are many restaurants and food vendors, particularly in the evenings, and coffee shops are everywhere to serve the student population. The area is well known for its snacks, and it boasts a wide range of different dishes from Korea and around the world. It is a great spot for traditional snacks like tteokbokki, which are rice cake rolls in spicy sauces. The entrance to Yonsei University is a great place to get a sweet rice-based snack called ppeong-gwaja. Nearby there is a popular destination called Meokja Golmok, which roughly translates into Let's Eat Alley. It contains many street vendors serving all kinds of inexpensive snacks and sit-down food.

  Another special feature of the area is the many different kinds of bangs, which are small rooms available to the public for specific purposes. In the case of Sinchon, there are karaoke bangs for singing, PC bangs for playing computer games or going online, DVD bangs for watching movies, and many others. There are also billiard halls where the four-ball variation of Korean billiards is enormously popular. Additionally, as drinking has a special place in Korean culture and with Sinchon being a bustling nightlife area, there are bars and pubs serving every type of beverage imaginable.

  Every May, the area is host to the Sinchon Cultural Festival, an event showcasing Korean culture old and new. Performances and exhibits spring up near the universities and train station, often organized by students of nearby universities.




  南韩几所最具规模大学交汇的十字路口处就是新村的位置所在。该地区又称新村洞,对年轻人来说,它是附近一带拥有许多娱乐形式的地方。梨花女子大学附近有一个购物天堂,特别是以女性时装为主。新村也是现代百货公司的所在地。那里有许多餐厅以及特别在傍晚时分才出现的摊贩,还有随处可见的咖啡厅为学生族群服务。该地区以小吃闻名,它以拥有各式各样来自韩国和世界各地不同的菜肴而自豪。这里是品尝象是辣炒年糕这种传统小吃的好去处,辣炒年糕就是把年糕滚上辣酱的小吃。延世大学大门口是一个可以品尝到以甜米做成的点心的好地方,这种点心又叫做米饼。附近还有一个热门地点叫做 Meokja Golmok,大致可译为『一起在巷子用餐吧』。巷子里包含了许多街头摊贩,提供各种便宜的点心以及可坐下用餐的食物。

  这个地区的另一项特色是有很多不同种类的包厢,这些包厢是可供大众用于特定用途的小房间。以新村来说,有提供唱歌的卡拉 OK 包厢、玩计算机游戏或上网的 PC 包厢、看电影的 DVD 包厢,以及许多其他种类的包厢。另外也有撞球厅,在那里韩版的四号球(编按:该撞球活动亦称开仑(Carom),它是一种球桌没有袋口的撞球运动。)相当有人气。此外,由于饮酒在韩国文化有其特殊的地位,而新村是一个有着繁华夜生活的地区,因此在那里有酒吧、酒馆提供各种你能想象得到的饮品。





Fun and Fabulous Sinchon|活力四射的新村