Filthy Riches|不可思议赚钱术

by Marcus Maurice

Some people have to get down and dirty to make a living.

  Ginseng is a highly prized plant that has been used for thousands of years to treat all kinds of illnesses. In its dried form, ginseng is used as a folk medicine, an aphrodisiac, a stimulant, a treatment for type II diabetes, and as a cure for sexual dysfunction in men. Also, small doses of ginseng are added to energy drinks, teas, and coffees to provide an extra kick. Getting this miracle herb, though, is not easy. People have to go deep into the North American forests or Asian jungles to pick the plant's root. This means ginseng diggers have no choice but to get really dirty in order to make money.

  Filthy Riches, the latest series on National Geographic Channel, follows Billy Taylor and his whole family as they make a living by harvesting, buying, and selling ginseng. Taylor and his sons put on their finest camouflage gear and head out to the forests of the Appalachian Mountains to find ginseng. They get on their four-wheelers to go where their pickup trucks cannot go, but there is a big problem. A tree has fallen across the path and none of the four-wheelers can pass. The Taylor family has to get creative to move the tree before they can continue on their way.

  In one particularly exciting scene, Taylor's son is waiting on the side of the road to buy ginseng from diggers passing by. One man approaches, and the situation becomes tense because Taylor's son has never seen the man before. He does not know if the stranger will try to rob him or sell the ginseng. Find out what happens and learn more about dirty ways to make money in Filthy Riches.











Filthy Riches|不可思议赚钱术