The World's Next Tallest Building Cleans the Air

The World's Next Tallest Building Cleans the Air

  Imagine a skyscraper that cleans the air. You do not have to wait long for this dream to become a reality because two will soon be built in China. The world's tallest towers, which are futuristic pink spires that breathe life into the environment, will begin construction within two years.

  The ambitious Phoenix Towers were designed by London-based architecture firm Chetwoods and will claim the tallest building title from Dubai's Burj Khalifa. The design goes one step further because the Phoenix Towers will also be two of the world's most environmentally-friendly buildings. Stretching up more than a kilometer into the skies above Wuhan, the capital of China's Hubei province, the Phoenix Towers aim to clean the air and water from its surrounding areas. These towers are expected to be tourist attractions for both Chinese and international travelers.



  这两座气势磅礡的凤凰塔是由总部设于伦敦的 Chetwoods 建筑事务所设计,势将击败杜拜的哈里发塔取下最高建筑物的头衔。该设计更向前迈进了一步,因为凤凰塔也将是全世界最环保的其中两座建筑物。凤凰塔于中国湖北省会武汉市朝天际延伸一公里多,以净化周边地区的空气与水为目的。这两座塔预期将成为中外旅客的观光景点。


Universal Studios Japan Opens Harry Potter's World

  Thousands of people have swarmed to Universal Studios Japan for the opening of a new Harry Potter-themed area. About 3,000 Harry Potter fans, including many who waited overnight, lined up outside the gates of the Osaka-based theme park on a recent morning. When the opening ceremony began, they chanted magical words, and staff members dressed as wizards and witches appeared from behind a cloud of smoke. Visitors took snapshots in front of Hogwarts Castle and enjoyed butterbeer, which is a drink that appears in the Harry Potter novels and films. A fan that was dressed as one of the characters said that it feels as if she'd joined the world of wizardry and that she would love to live there forever.







The World's Next Tallest Building Cleans the Air