Superstar Journalist Anderson Cooper|主播台上的超级巨星

Superstar Journalist Anderson Cooper

by Marcus Maurice

Anderson Cooper is one of the most well-respected journalists of modern times.

  From a young age, Anderson Cooper has loved basking in the limelight. At the age of three, he appeared on The Tonight Show with his mother. At nine, he had a role as a liar in a popular game show, To Tell the Truth. After some time spent modeling for big names such as Ralph Lauren and Calvin Klein, Cooper went through two family tragedies, his father's death and his brother's suicide. The latter sparked Cooper's interest in journalism, but it was not an easy ride to become the celebrated host that he is today.

  After Cooper graduated from Yale University, he found it difficult to get on-air work at news stations, so he forged a press pass and headed to Myanmar. There, he met students who were fighting the government and filmed segments that were eventually sold to Channel One. Soon after, Cooper was reporting from war-torn regions like Somalia, Bosnia, and Rwanda. These segments led to Cooper being hired as a correspondent for ABC news, where he became co-anchor of their nightly news program. Cooper left ABC for CNN in 2001, and now he is one of the most prominent journalists on the planet. His knack for asking tough questions to high-profile people on his show, Anderson Cooper 360°, has earned his show two Emmys.

  Although it had been an open secret for a long time, Cooper confirmed that he was gay in July of 2012. Cooper often avoided talking about his homosexuality. He did not want to give others the impression he was embarrassed by it, which was the furthest thing from the truth. With many shows and awards to his name, Anderson Cooper is in the limelight, and the whole world is watching.





  库珀从耶鲁大学毕业之后,他发现要在新闻台找到现场直播工作相当困难,因此他伪造了一张记者通行证前往缅甸。在当地,他遇到了一群正在对抗政府的学生便拍摄了一些短片最终卖给新闻第一台。不久之后,库珀便在索马利亚、波士尼亚和卢安达这些饱受战争蹂躏的地区播报新闻。ABC 新闻台也因为这些新闻片段决定雇用库珀为特派记者,他在该台的晚间新闻节目当中担任共同主持人。2001 年,库珀离开了 ABC 转战到 CNN,现在则是全球最杰出的新闻记者之一。他在自身的节目《安德森‧库珀 360°》当中询问名人棘手问题的技巧使该节目赢得了两座艾美奖。

  虽然有关他是同性恋长久以来都是一个公开的秘密,但库珀在 2012 年七月证实了这点。库珀往往避谈他是同性恋一事。他不想要给别人他对此事感到很尴尬的印象,因为事实根本不是如此。安德森‧库珀拥有许多属于他自己的节目和奖项而备受瞩目,全世界都在关注着他。





Superstar Journalist Anderson Cooper|主播台上的超级巨星