Accepting Different Opinions|接纳不同的意见

Accepting Different Opinions




  We should try to accept different opinions from others because nobody knows everything. For one thing, accepting other people's ideas can make you a more likeable person. This will very likely make it easier for you to find friends. For another, by listening to others' opinions you may learn something valuable.

  There are some disadvantages to not accepting different opinions. If you ignore other people's opinions, they probably won't listen to yours, either. Furthermore, people might not want to be your friends. You will miss a lot of opportunities to do fun things because people will be less likely to invite you along with them. Also, others may not want to share important information with you, which might cause problems for you. Therefore, if we can be humble and accept others' opinions, we will have more friends and be more knowledgeable.





  People who are open-minded have a definite advantage over those who are narrow-minded. Listening to what other people say is a trait that can bring many benefits to those who develop it. Truly listening to the opinions of others makes people well rounded. No one is an island. Those who are willing to accept various ideas and opinions may gain from other people's experience.

  In contrast, those who shut out ideas and opinions that differ from their own have a lot to lose. These narrow-minded individuals isolate themselves and limit their potential for personal growth instead of learning from others. People who are narrow-minded and stubborn tend to have a small circle of friends. In short, it's best to strive to be open-minded and more accepting of others' opinions and ways of doing things. This kind of attitude will assist people in their lives whereas stubbornness can be a real hindrance to future success.





Accepting Different Opinions|接纳不同的意见