The Story of Walt Disney's Magical Place|孩子们的梦幻天堂

The Story of Walt Disney's Magical Place

by Brian Foden

Sometimes you have to dream big.

  There are few places in the world that thrill children and adults alike as much as Disneyland. Since its opening in July of 1955, the theme park based near Los Angeles, California, has dazzled and _(1)_ people of all ages. More than 650 million people have ventured through Disneyland's gates during the past six decades. While many people know the mastermind behind the wonderful achievement called Disneyland _(2)_ Walt Disney, many are unaware of the great lengths that were required to make it happen. Even in the 1950s, amusement parks were nothing new in America or other parts of the world. However, Disney's _(3)_ of a mass scale entertainment theme park had never been built before. As such, Disney _(4)_ numerous challenges in developing it.

  One of the biggest _(5)_ Disney faced was obtaining the US$17 million needed to construct Disneyland. As Disney later said, "I could never _(6)_ the financiers that Disneyland was feasible because dreams offer too little collateral." Stymied in his efforts to find money through traditional means, Disney decided to cooperate _(7)_ an American television network, ABC, to finance his dreams by creating a show that he called Disneyland. The show was a success and helped bring _(8)_ the revenue required for the park's construction. Over the years, Disneyland has greatly expanded to include _(9)_ additions as Mickey's Toontown in 1993 and the Disney California Adventure Park, which opened in 2001, which was built on what used to be Disneyland's parking lot. Several other Disney theme parks have opened in _(10)_ parts of the world since Walt Disney's death in 1966. These places are all signs that his dreams and legacy continue to live on.

(A) concept (B) convince (C) with (D) delighted (E) such

(F) encountered (G) in (H) diverse (I) was (J) obstacles



  世界上很少有地方能像迪斯尼乐园一样让大人小孩都兴奋不已。1955 年七月开幕以来,这座总部在加州洛杉矶市附近的主题乐园一直都让各年龄层的人目眩神迷和兴高采烈。过去六十年间,已有六亿五千多万人造访过迪斯尼乐园。虽然许多人都知道这项被称为迪斯尼乐园的伟大成就背后的策划者是华特‧迪斯尼,但却有许多人不知道完成这项成就需要多少努力。即使是在 1950 年代,游乐园在美国或是世界其他各地也不是什么新鲜事。然而,迪斯尼打造大型娱乐主题乐园的概念却是前所未有的。也因为如此,迪斯尼在发展该乐园的过程中遭遇了许多挑战。

  迪斯尼所面临最大的阻碍之一就是他需要募集一千七百万美元的资金来建造迪斯尼乐园。迪斯尼后来曾说:『我从来没办法说服那些金融家说迪斯尼乐园这个计划是可行的,因为梦想并不能提供什么做为抵押品。』迪斯尼在透过传统方式努力寻找金援受挫之后,他决定和美国一家电视网 ABC 合作,透过打造一个他称之为《迪斯尼乐园》的节目来为他的梦想筹措资金。该节目大获成功,也帮助赚进建造迪斯尼乐园所需的收益。多年来,迪斯尼乐园已大幅扩张,其增建的机构包括象是 1993 年开幕的米奇卡通城及 2001 年开幕的迪斯尼加州探险乐园,而该乐园所建造的所在地以前是迪斯尼乐园的停车场。华特‧迪斯尼 1966 年过世之后,已有好几家迪斯尼主题乐园在世界各地开幕。这些地方都象征了迪斯尼的梦想以及他的遗产将永远流传下去。

答案: 1. D 2. I 3. A 4. F 5. J

6. B 7. C 8. G 9. E 10. H



The Story of Walt Disney's Magical Place|孩子们的梦幻天堂