Do You Like Watching Sporting Events|你喜欢在家或是现场观看运动赛事?

at Home or at Stadiums?



  I prefer seeing sporting events live at stadiums to watching them at home. One of the main reasons I like going to baseball or basketball games is the exciting atmosphere. There are many other fans cheering on the home team, which makes everyone feel energized, especially if the home team is winning. At a stadium, you feel that you are part of something big and important. Also, I don't have to sit through commercials when I'm at a stadium or an arena.

  In contrast, viewing sporting events on television does not provide the same type of feeling for me. Sure, it is convenient and I don't have to leave my home, but watching TV is not the same as actually being at an event. The action is just not as thrilling, and there isn't a large crowd around me to shout and cheer. To sum up, while there are some advantages to watching sports on TV, attending the events at stadiums or arenas is much more exciting for me.





  As far as I'm concerned, the best way to experience a sporting event is from the comfort of my own living room. For one thing, sporting events are very expensive to attend. It costs money for tickets, parking, food, drinks, and more. For another, I can't stand waiting to get into a stadium or arena. Also, an outdoor event almost becomes unbearable for me when the weather is freezing cold or scorching hot.

  There are many other reasons why I feel viewing sporting events on TV is superior to paying money to see them in person. On TV, I can see the most exciting plays repeated on instant replay and sports commentators always have a lot of useful information about the players. Moreover, if I go to a game, I might be seated in a part of the stadium with a poor view. At home on my sofa, I have the best seat, with the action being filmed by many cameras at various angles. To me it's really no contest -- watching sports on TV is the best way to go.





Do You Like Watching Sporting Events|你喜欢在家或是现场观看运动赛事?