Framestore is Not a Place to Get Your Pictures Framed

Framestore is Not a Place to Get Your Pictures Framed

by William Ryan

Visual effects are becoming a bigger part of every movie.

  The name Framestore might sound like the kind of shop you would want to visit if you had a wedding or a graduation coming up in the near future. In actuality, Framestore is something far more _(1)_. The legendary British visual effects company was _(2)_ in 1986 in London. Now with additional locations in New York, Los Angeles, and Montreal, the name is synonymous _(3)_ the cutting-edge visual imagery used in the motion picture industry. They _(4)_ scores of Hollywood blockbusters, commercial advertisements, Emmy Award-winning television programs, music videos, as well as digital animation.

  In 1997, Framestore merged with the British digital movie special effects company Computer Film Company. The merger brought increased success. In 2009, the team _(5)_ both the British Academy Film Awards and the Hollywood Academy Award for Visual Effects for The Golden Compass. Framestore's task was to create polar bears and their environments for the film. The company also worked on James Cameron's highly-anticipated box office smash, Avatar. They also received Oscar _(6)_ for their work on Superman Returns, The Dark Knight, Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix, Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, Quantum of Solace, Mama Mia, Sherlock Holmes, and Gravity. In addition, many other movies are among the company's long list of film credits. Framestore has since _(7)_ into console and online games, as well as Internet and mobile phone applications.


1. (A) frequent (B) doubtful (C) obvious (D) impressive

2. (A) loosened (B) restricted (C) founded (D) teased

3. (A) with (B) upon (C) into (D) over

4. (A) include (B) annoy (C) classify (D) infect

5. (A) alleviated (B) upgraded (C) garnered (D) released

6. (A) repetitions (B) obstacles (C) horizons (D) nominations

7. (A) set out (B) branched out (C) passed out (D) figured out


Framestore 要你好看!


如果近期内你会举办一场婚礼或毕业典礼,Framestore 这个名字听起来或许象是那种你会想参观的店。事实上,Framestore 远比你想象的还更令人印象深刻。这家名闻遐迩的英国视觉特效公司于 1986 年创建于伦敦。如今在纽约、洛杉矶和蒙特娄皆有额外扩点,该名称已和运用于电影工业中的尖端视觉影像划上等号。它囊括众多好莱坞卖座巨片、商业广告、艾美奖获奖电视节目、音乐录像带以及数位动画。

1997 年,Framestore Computer Film Company 这家英国数位电影特效公司合并。此次合并大获成功。2009 年,该团队因《黄金罗盘》这部影片而在英国电影学院奖和好莱坞奥斯卡奖当中夺得视觉特效奖。Framestore 的任务便是为该片创造出北极熊及其所处的各种环境。该公司还参与了詹姆斯 $柯麦隆令大众引颈期盼的票房卖座影片――《阿凡达》。他们还因在《超人再起》、《黑暗骑士》、《哈利波特:凤凰会的密令》、《哈利波特:死神的圣物》、《007 量子危机》、《妈妈咪呀!》、

 《福尔摩斯》以及《地心引力》的成果荣获奥斯卡提名。此外,许多其他电影也都在该公司一长串的电影作品清单中可见。Framestore 尔后便跨足了电玩主机、网络游戏以及在线和手机应用程序。

答案: 1. D 2. C 3. A 4. A 5. C

6. D 7. B




Framestore is Not a Place to Get Your Pictures Framed