Ultimate Survival Alaska 2|极地生存战士

by Marcus Maurice

The ultimate prize is survival.

  Do you know what happens when it snows in Taiwan? Thousands of people decide it is a good idea to get into their cars to rush to the top of a mountain only to find that, instead of actual snow, there is just a little bit of slush on the ground. Many are disappointed while waiting for hours in the traffic jam back down the mountain because they feel like they still have not witnessed snow firsthand.

  Alaska, on the other hand, is one of the coldest and most unforgiving places in the world. Many parts of Alaska have not even been touched by humans. In Ultimate Survival Alaska 2, a program on National Geographic Channel this month, a contest goes deep into the heart of Alaska and tests the perseverance of team members. For starters, four teams of really tough men and women who are mountaineers, military veterans, endurance athletes, and woodsmen are taken into the middle of the frozen forests of Alaska and dropped off. The only things they have with them are their raw emotion, incredible intelligence, die-hard ingenuity, and the gear on their backs.

  These roughnecks battle frostbite, hunger, dangerous animals, and more while they are navigating terrain that camera crews can barely follow them in. They go over frozen rivers, barren ridgelines, and even cross high mountain peaks. These men and women are like the original explorers of unknown territories because, for this show, there is no lavish grand prize of thousands of dollars or the promise of a month-long vacation in the Bahamas. Instead, by winning the epic competition series, the only prize is survival.









Ultimate Survival Alaska 2|极地生存战士