Free Books...From a Tank!|来自坦克的书

Free Books...From a Tank!

by Daniel Howard

An artist in Argentina is taking literacy very seriously.

  The country of Argentina has a violent past. In the 1970s, a military takeover plunged the country into several years of violence and fear. Economic difficulties made the problems even worse. Thousands of people disappeared and hundreds of thousands suffered major traumas. Then in 1983, following a war for the Falkland Islands with Britain, Argentina got a second chance. The people ousted their violent leadership in a free and democratic election. Things started to change, but there was a lot of healing to do. The country has been turning itself around for the last three decades.

  One recent step toward making Argentina a better place was taken by the artist Raul Lemesoff. He redesigned an old car to look like a tank to carry books. It was originally a Ford Falcon, a type of car popular among the previous military leaders. The artist then welded on some shelves and made a fake gun turret for the top of the tank. He calls his hybrid tank-library the Weapon of Mass Instruction. Unlike most weapons, however, this weapon was designed for knowledge and peace.

  As Lemesoff drives his mobile tank library down the streets, anyone is free to take a book from the shelves that line each side of the car. When full, the tank carries about 900 books. All the books are privately donated, so they are free to the public. Pedestrians, cyclists, and even other drivers will grab a book in their leisure time. The tank cruises the streets in the city and the country, anywhere that Lemesoff feels people could use a book to read. The projects purpose is to contribute to peace through literature, and the fact that literature comes from a tank-shaped library is pretty cool, too.




  阿根廷这个国家有一段充满暴力的过去。在 1970 年代,一场军事接管行动使得该国陷入为期好几年的暴力与恐惧。经济困境让这些问题变得更加严重。当时有数千人失踪,而且有数十万人遭受重大创伤。随后在 1983 年的一场与英国争夺福克兰群岛的战争之后,阿根廷得到了第二次机会。人民在一场自由民主的选举当中将其残暴的领导者驱逐下台。该国的情况开始有了转变,不过仍有许多疗愈工作要进行。该国在过去三十年来已逐渐扭转颓势。




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Free Books...From a Tank!|来自坦克的书