Love, Light, and the Lottery(b)|『希望汇流成爱心──公益彩券』

Love, Light, and the Lottery


  Social welfare efforts require tremendous amounts of funding, and so, faced with their own limited budgets, many developed countries have turned to lotteries as a complement. The contributions to the public good by Taiwan's lottery come in two types. The first is the money that the bank that wins the franchise to operate the lottery undertakes to pay, regardless of whether or not the lottery itself is profitable for them.

  For the period between 2014 and 2023, CTBC Bank will put up NT$2.7 billion a year. This money will be divided among the Ministry of Finance, the Council of Indigenous Peoples, the Ministry of Labor, and the Ministry of Health and Welfare in accordance with regulations and in proportions that are decided by a panel of experts. For example, with lottery funding from the Ministry of Labor, the Yu-Cheng Social Welfare Foundation set up Organic Yam stores in Yonghe and at the intersection of Zhongxiao East Road and Jianguo South Road in Taipei in 2013. These outlets, which sell bread, fruit, and other organic foods, provide employment for 30 people with physical or mental disabilities.

  The other form of welfare funding from the lottery comes from its profits. The better tickets sell, the more goes to good causes. In 2012, the lottery's profits totaled NT$27.2 billion, with five percent going to the National Health Insurance program, 45 percent to the National Pension Insurance Fund, and 50 percent to local governments to distribute to civic groups as grants. In other words, Taiwan's various local governments received some NT$13.6 billion to help their communities.

  Every ticket bought is a little beacon of hope, and as those beacons come together, they form a brilliant beam, bringing light to those who live in dark situations and helping people realize their dreams.


  中国信托商业银行在 2014 2023 年期间,每年要支付政府新台币二十七亿元。这笔款项将依据《公益彩券反馈金运用及管理作业要点》分配给财政部、原民会、劳动部(前身为行政院劳委会)和卫福部使用,比例则由专家组成的审议小组决定。例如育成社会福利基金会即在劳动部的辅导下,运用公益彩券反馈金的补助,在 2013 年于永和成立蕃薯藤自然食堂以及在台北忠孝东路与建国南路口的有机商店。这两家店贩售面包、新鲜蔬果及其他有机产品,并提供三十名身心障碍人士工作机会。

  执行公益的另一部份基金则来自销售盈余。彩券卖得越好,投入公益的金额就越多。以 2012 年为例,彩券全年盈余有两百七十二亿元,其中百分之五投入全民健保、百分之四十五补助国民年金,剩下的则拨给各地方政府分配给民间社福团体申请补助。换句话说,全台各地方政府获得约一百三十六亿元的资金来帮助大众。




Love, Light, and the Lottery(b)|『希望汇流成爱心──公益彩券』