Men Who Act Like Boys|谜样的男人

Men Who Act Like Boys

by Brian Foden

Some men just need to grow up.

  In the children's story, Peter Pan, the title character wants to never grow up and remain a boy forever. In the real world, adults with the same _(1)_ have a problem called Peter Pan Syndrome, which was identified by psychologist Dan Kiley in 1983. Although the condition is not considered a mental disorder, experts say it is a real phenomenon that _(2)_ many more men than women, most of whom were born in the late 1980s and 1990s. In essence, people suffering from the syndrome shun most forms of _(3)_, engage in immature behavior, and are still fond of their teenage years. They attempt to hold _(4)_ their adolescence forever, despite the passage of years.

  Psychologists believe one of the reasons that some men fall into the Peter Pan trap is that they have _(5)_ parents. By trying to shelter them too much, doting mothers and fathers can inadvertently deprive their kids _(6)_ the skills necessary to deal with the challenges of life in the future. Other reasons that psychologists have identified as _(7)_ that may lead to the Peter Pan Syndrome in some individuals are a poor economy and a lack of job skills. They make it tough for adults to _(8)_ on their own financially. In addition, due to their lack of emotional control and fear of commitment, men suffering from this problem have difficulty forming _(9)_ relationships with women, meaning that the men can more easily indulge their immature attitudes and behavior because they don't have a partner who might discourage them from doing so. Kiley and other psychologists say Peter Pan Syndrome sufferers don't recognize they have a problem, but they need to realize how it _(10)_ affects them so they can begin to effectively deal with it as soon as possible.

(A) onto (B) lasting (C) afflicts (D) revives (E) of

(F) fantasy (G) negatively (H) gracefully (I) survive (J) responsibility

(K) overprotective (L) factors




  在童话故事《彼得潘》里,与故事同名的主角彼得潘希望自己永远都不要长大,而且永远做个男孩。在现实世界里,拥有此相同想法的成人便是患有由心理学家丹‧凯利于 1983 年所认定的『彼得潘症候群』。虽然这种情况不被视为精神失常,但专家表示,这是一个实实在在的现象,为许多男男女女带来痛苦,而其中男性占的比例又更多,而该症状的患者中大部份的人都出生于 1980 年代后期以及 1990 年代。基本上,深受此症状困扰的人会躲避大多数形式的责任、从事一些不成熟的举动,且仍然会眷恋其青少年时期的时光。尽管岁月已流逝,他们仍不断设法留住青春。



答案: 1. F 2. C 3. J 4. A 5. K

6. E 7. L 8. I 9. B 10. G



Men Who Act Like Boys|谜样的男人