What I Be|忠于自我

What I Be

by Maria Wasilewska

Would you be accepted if you showed your fears to the world?

  Despite being a highly successful network administrator and making tons of money in the early 2000s, Steve Rosenfield realized he was unhappy. He was afraid to trust people and consequently earned a _(1)_ for being too frank. He began searching for meaning in life by quitting his job and traveling around the world. During Rosenfield's travels, a French friend _(2)_ him to photography. Rosenfield bought his first camera in 2006 and quickly became fascinated with the hobby. Thanks to some friends in a band, he was able to photograph various artists, eventually becoming a highly sought-after photographer. However, success wasn't everything for Rosenfield. He longed to do something _(3)_ that would bring positive changes to people's lives.

  In 2010, after brainstorming with a friend, Rosenfield decided to take her head shot, including one of her arms and hands in the photo. He helped her write her main hidden insecurity on her hand. Underneath the photograph, his friend chose to write the _(4)_, "I am not my body image." She wrote this to show people that although she, too, had _(5)_ fears, they did not define her as a person. In this way, the What I Be project was born.

  Since 2010, the What I Be project has drawn international attention, with models ranging _(6)_ high school students to mainstream celebrities. Many who see these images gain courage by seeing these models' bravery. The overall goal is to _(7)_ people by showing others that they have insecurities, too.

1. (A) boundary (B) handicap (C) reputation (D) sponsor

2. (A) abbreviated (B) disclosed (C) intimidated (D) introduced

3. (A) meaningful (B) notorious (C) optional (D) superstitious

4. (A) caption (B) removal (C) nutrient (D) friction

5. (A) exotic (B) dense (C) inner (D) official

6. (A) over (B) from (C) into (D) with

7. (A) tempt (B) restrain (C) magnify (D) empower




  尽管史蒂夫‧罗森菲尔德是一位相当成功的网络管理者,而且在二十一世纪初赚了很多钱,但他知道他并不开心。他害怕相信他人,结果得到了过于坦率的名声。他辞掉工作去环游世界,藉此来寻找生命的意义。在罗森菲尔德的旅行过程中,一位法国朋友介绍他接触摄影。罗森菲尔德于 2006 年买了他的第一台相机,而且他很快便迷上了这项嗜好。由于他有一些乐团的朋友,因此他能够拍摄各式各样的艺术家,最终让他成为一位炙手可热的摄影师。然而,成功对罗森菲尔德来说并不是一切。他渴望做些有意义的事,能为人们生活带来正面的改变。

  2010 年,罗森菲尔德与一位朋友集思广益之后,决定要拍摄这位朋友的大头照,照片里包括她的一只手臂和手。罗森菲尔德帮她在手上写下她内心主要隐藏的不安全感。在照片下方,他的朋友选择写下这段说明:『我并不是外在所呈现的我。』她写下这段话来向人们表明,虽然她也有内心的恐惧,但恐惧并不能定义她这个人。于是,What I be 这项活动就此诞生。

  从 2010 年起,What I be 这项活动已经引起国际间的关注,参加这项活动的模特儿从高中生到主流名人都有。许多人因为看到这些模特儿的勇敢而得到了勇气。这项活动整体的目标就是透过向别人展示自己也有不安全感来给予人们力量。


答案: 1. C 2. D 3. A 4. A 5. C

6. B 7. D



What I Be|忠于自我