At 10, Facebook Copes with Growing Pains|脸书十年新挑战

At 10, Facebook Copes with Growing Pains

  As Facebook celebrates its 10th anniversary, the world's biggest social network is finding its path as a maturing company, adapting to an aging user base. In its short history, Facebook has become a part of daily life for more than a billion people around the globe. Co-founder Mark Zuckerberg described the mission as making the world more open and connected, and some say he has accomplished just that.

  Yet in some ways, Facebook could be the victim of its own success. A recent study of US Facebook users found a 25 percent drop in the number of users in the 13 to 17 age group, along with an 80 percent jump in the number of users over 55. For teens, Facebook isn't cool when their mothers are on it.






Declaration Signed on Illegal Wildlife Trade

  At the conference at Lancaster House in London, delegates from 46 countries and 11 United Nations organizations have signed The London Declaration. This outlines the steps that need to be taken to stop animal poaching, which governments agreed to treat as a serious crime. The 46 countries have also committed to improving cross-border cooperation and to strengthening laws and policing. With tens of thousands of rhinos, elephants, and tigers being killed each year, these species face a real risk of extinction. The bulk of poaching takes place in Africa, but much of the demand comes from Asia, where animal products, such as rhino horns, are used in traditional medicine or are bought by the rich as trophies.






At 10, Facebook Copes with Growing Pains|脸书十年新挑战