50 Years of Peanuts|人人都爱花生帮

by Olivia Wycech

An introduction to one of the world's most critically acclaimed comics

  There are few cartoons that have enjoyed the same long-standing fame and fortune as Mickey Mouse, but Charlie Brown, his dog Snoopy, and Brown's misfit friends have certainly put Peanuts high in the rankings. The four-panel gag comic strip ran for almost 50 years, from 1950 to 2000, with reruns of the 17,897 strips still _(1)_ print today. Peanuts was written and _(2)_ by Charles M. Schultz throughout its entire run, with parts of his life being the inspiration for some characters and settings.

  Charlie Brown and the rest of the gang became iconic not only in North America _(3)_ around the world, with readership in 75 countries and translations done in 21 languages. Peanuts also _(4)_ success on television, especially with its annual holiday specials, which are still among today's family favorites. The cartoon was also _(5)_ fourth in TV Guide's list of the greatest cartoons of all time. The cartoon specials have received several prestigious _(6)_, including four Emmys.

  One of the main characters, Snoopy, is a beagle that has a very happy life and always lives in his fantasy world. Charlie Brown and Snoopy's relationship is _(7)_, and it is not always clear who is in charge. Snoopy is a lazy dog that prefers to sleep and looks for the easy way out of things, which _(8)_ Charlie Brown, who strives to make his dog happy. Snoopy went from a non-speaking role in the early days of Peanuts to sometimes outshining Charlie Brown as the protagonist later on, unarguably becoming one of the world's most _(9)_ cartoon characters. Even though there are no new Peanuts comics to look forward to, you can expect the legacy to carry _(10)_ for generations.


(A) on (B) achieved (C) complicated (D) agreements (E) illustrated

(F) irritates (G) but (H) awards (I) or (J) in

(K) ranked (L) recognizable




  几乎没有几部卡通能够和米老鼠一样长期名利双收,但查理‧布朗、他的狗史奴比和他那些格格不入的朋友无疑地让《花生》漫画获得很高的评价。这部有趣的四格漫画从 1950 年到 2000 年连载了将近五十年,这一万七千八百九十七回的漫画后来重新连载,至今仍在出版当中。《花生》漫画从头到尾都是由查尔斯.M.舒兹撰写及作画,其中有一些角色和场景是以他自己人生的一部份为灵感。




答案: 1. J 2. E 3. G 4. B 5. K

6. H 7. C 8. F 9. L 10. A



50 Years of Peanuts|人人都爱花生帮