Batkid Saves the Day!|小小蝙蝠侠立大功!

by Marcus Maurice

The Make-A-Wish Foundation really outdid themselves this time.

  Batman is used to fighting foes like The Riddler and Penguin, but on November 15, 2013, he needed extra help to save San Francisco, as a woman was tied to cable car tracks and a bank was being robbed. Five-year-old leukemia patient Miles Scott, also known on this day as Batkid, was called in to be Batman's sidekick. Eventually, the two superheroes saved the day, and Batkid was given the key to the city and even a special message of thanks from US President Barack Obama.

  While the villains in this story were really actors, this day made Scott feel like he was on top of the world. The Make-A-Wish Foundation came up with an incredible way to grant their biggest wish yet. The heartwarming idea included asking for public participation, with only a few hundred people expected to sign up. Instead, after Batkid was handed the key to San Francisco, more than 20,000 people were chanting his name. Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram were all filled with posts and pictures of Batkid, and there was even a special edition of The San Francisco Chronicle printed with the headline, "Batkid Saves City."

  Nothing can slip through nowadays without some criticism, and the story of Batkid was no exception. After the Make-A-Wish Foundation announced that this project cost US$105,000, naysayers retorted that the money could have been used to save many children in malaria-prone areas of Africa. The response to this was that Scott had spent five years battling leukemia, so he deserved a day to be a hero. Plus, with all the attention on Batkid, the Make-A-Wish Foundation received many new donations that will allow them to fulfill other children's wishes.




  蝙蝠侠早已习惯对抗象是谜天大圣和企鹅人这样的敌手,但在 2013 年十一月十五日当天,他需要额外的帮助来拯救旧金山市,因为有一位女子被绑在缆车轨道上,另外还有一家银行遭到抢劫。一位名叫迈尔斯‧史考特的五岁血癌病童在这一天也以小蝙蝠侠的身份而为人所知,他被请来担任蝙蝠侠的助手。这两位超级英雄最终将一切化险为夷,而小蝙蝠侠获赠了旧金山市的市钥,连美国总统巴拉克‧欧巴马都特别传简讯向他致谢。

  虽然这个故事中的坏人其实都是演员,但这一天还是让史考特感到自己幸福极了。喜愿基金会想出了一个绝妙的方法来实现他们到目前为止最大的愿望。这个温暖人心的点子包括要求大众参与,他们原先预期只会有几百个人报名参加。相反地,在小蝙蝠侠获赠旧金山市的市钥之后,有两万多人高喊着他的名字。推特、脸书以及 Instagram 都充斥着有关小蝙蝠侠的文章和照片,而《旧金山纪事报》甚至推出一本专刊,其头条为:『小蝙蝠侠拯救了整座城市。』





Batkid Saves the Day!|小小蝙蝠侠立大功!