Dr. Dog Will See You Now(b)|狗医生出诊去!

  The dogs begin their performance by sitting up, lying down, and balancing treats on their noses. Exceptionally calm and obedient, they quickly overcome their audience's fear of being bitten. As the seniors begin to feel more at ease, the owners encourage them to feed, brush, and play with the dogs. Uncle Chen, a 93-year-old resident, loves brushing Bank and even lets Bao-bao nap on his lap. Uncle Gao, who is hard of hearing and extremely reticent, wants to feed Winner a bit of apple. Encouraged by Zheng, he struggles to articulate a quiet OK. After practicing a few times, he's able to give Winner the OK command. Winner responds by sitting quietly, waiting, then taking the bit of apple Gao offers, bringing a rare smile to the elderly man's face.

  The house calls are scheduled to last one hour, but patients routinely want them to go on for quite a bit longer. This is especially true of the children the dogs see who, once they overcome their wariness, want to run the dogs through all of their tricks themselves. TCSDA's trainer Zheng says that doggie doctors have to pay close attention to commands when on house calls, which are tiring for them, causing them to run out of steam after about an hour. "When the visits are over and they climb back into the car, they're beat. Once they're back at home, they take a good, long nap." Taiwan currently has roughly 100 licensed doggie doctors, and though they are only practicing complementary medicine, their mission is important and beyond the power of human beings to achieve on their own.


  狗狗们以端坐、趴下、用鼻子顶食物等展开表演的序幕。牠们展现出高度的稳定性与服从性,很快就消除了观众害怕被咬的恐惧。当老人家们开始感到比较自在,狗狗的主人会鼓励他们喂食狗狗、替狗狗梳毛以及和牠们玩耍。九十三岁的院友陈伯伯很喜欢替 Bank 梳毛,还会让宝宝坐在他腿上打盹。重听又相当沉默寡言的高伯伯想要喂 Winner 吃苹果。在训练师郑少雯的鼓励之下,他很努力地发出微弱的 OK 声音。经过几次的练习之后,他已经可以对 Winner 下达 OK 的指令。Winner 的回应是安静地坐着并等候,接着吃一口高伯伯手中的苹果,这让这位老伯伯的脸上泛起了难得一见的笑容。





Dr. Dog Will See You Now(b)|狗医生出诊去!