An Extraordinary Scientist(b)

An Extraordinary Scientist

by William Ryan

This famous biologist and animal rights activist's contributions extend far beyond the usual scope of such endeavors.

  Jane Goodall's research at the Gombe Stream Reserve spans 50 years and has contributed a lot to the scientific understanding of chimpanzee behavior. Her work led to the publication of five major books and numerous articles. She also corrected some mistaken ideas along the way, such as the belief that chimpanzees ate an exclusively vegetarian diet, when she observed chimps killing and eating large insects, birds, and termites. Her innovative field methods included constant contact and observation. This led to the discovery that chimps have a complex social system and a communication system which closely resembles a primitive language with more than 20 distinct sounds. Goodall also developed the highly innovative banana club feeding method, a systematic approach in which she would appear each day at the same time on high ground. Gradually, she decreased the distance between herself and the chimps as she left bananas behind. Using this method, she became closely acquainted with most of the primates at the reserve. She imitated their behavior, ate their food, and even spent time in trees.

  Once lacking in scientific and academic training, Goodall has a lot of credentials now. In 1965, she received her PhD from Cambridge University. Her doctoral dissertation, Behavior of the Free-Ranging Chimpanzee, chronicled her first five years at the Gombe Stream Reserve. This courageous pioneer has persistently challenged scientists to redefine long-held beliefs about the differences between human beings and other primates. Since the mid-1980s, Jane Goodall has been devoted, mainly through the institute that bears her name, to increasing public awareness of the endangered habitat of chimpanzees and their unethical treatment in scientific experiments.



  曾经欠缺科学和学术方面训练的珍‧古德,如今已有了许多证书。1965 年,她获得剑桥大学颁发的博士学位。她的博士论文《野生黑猩猩的行为》记载了她在贡贝河保护区最初五年的生活。这位勇敢的先驱持续不断地挑战科学家们,目的是为了要重新定义科学界长久以来对人类和其他灵长类动物之间差异的认知。从 1980 年代中期起,珍‧古德主要是透过她名下的机构致力于让人们更意识到黑猩猩的栖息地已面临危机,以及牠们在科学实验中所受到的不人道对待。




An Extraordinary Scientist(b)