Notice of Schedule Change|行程变更公告



Notice of Schedule Change

To the students attending the 2014 graduation trip to Taitung,

  Due to a mudslide caused by the typhoon earlier this week, we need to make some changes in our transportation plans. Since the mudslide affects trains traveling from Hualien to Taitung, we have been forced to switch from rail to bus service for that leg of the journey. First, please determine which group you are in (A-J). Then note your bus number and departure time.

List of Changes

Classes A & B Board bus #456 Departs at 2:10 PM

Classes C - E Board bus #229 Departs at 2:20 PM

Classes F & G Board bus #347 Departs at 2:30 PM

Classes H - J Board bus #713 Departs at 2:45 PM


  All buses will pick students up at the Hualien train station. Further details about the trip can be found on the school's website,



敬告所有参加 2014 年台东毕业旅行的学生:

  由于本周稍早台风来袭所造成的土石流灾害,因此我们必须针对交通的规划作一些变更。由于土石流影响了从花莲到台东的火车班次,因此这段原订要搭乘火车的旅程,我们被迫要改搭巴士。首先,请确定你是在哪一个组别(A 班到 J 班)。然后请注意你的巴士车号以及发车时间。


AB 搭乘车号

456 巴士 出发时间为

下午 2:10

C ~ E 搭乘车号

229 巴士 出发时间为

下午 2:20

FG 搭乘车号

347 巴士 出发时间为

下午 2:30

H ~ J 搭乘车号

713 巴士 出发时间为

下午 2:45





Notice of Schedule Change|行程变更公告