Ultra Men and Women|超越巅峰

by Leigh Goldberg

Ultramarathoners give not only their blood, sweat, and tears but also their heart and soul.

  For an elite group of athletes, running five, 10, or 26.2 miles, which is a full marathon, is not challenging enough. Instead, they get their kicks from tackling 50-, 100-, and even 1,000-mile races, with many of the courses taking them over rugged terrain, elevation changes, and other obstacles. _(1)_

  Basically, any event that entails running and walking more than the traditional marathon is categorized as an ultramarathon. _(2)_ The first awards the winner covering the set distance in the fastest time, with 50 and 100 miles and the same in kilometers being the most common lengths. _(3)_

  These ultrarunning events require participants to dig deep as they pound away the miles. Raw talent is not enough for ultramarathoners to win, much less finish the events. _(4)_

  Taiwan's Kevin Lin is no stranger to this ultimate test of human endurance. With a whole slew of ultramarathon wins under his belt, Lin made history when he became the overall winner of the four-race event known as the 4 Deserts Race Series in 2006. He topped that major accomplishment when he and two other endurance experts crossed the entire Sahara Desert on foot. Battling the unforgiving environment, fatigue, and injuries, they completed the 6,900-kilometer run in 111 days, not for the thrill of winning but to raise awareness for the need for clean drinking water in Africa. _(5)_

(A) Thanks to adventurers like Lin, ultramarathons have reached new heights in Taiwan and around the world.

(B) The second kind of ultramarathon awards the winner covering the furthest distance in the allotted time, with 24-hour and multiday races the most frequently held durations.

(C) Lin spends 10 to 12 hours training every day.

(D) For these die-hards, nothing tests their limits like ultramarathons.

(E) Extensive training as well as a burning drive is absolutely essential for success in one of the most extreme sports.

(F) An organized ultramarathon often follows two typical formats, specified distances and specified times.







  来自台湾的林义杰对这项挑战人体耐力极限的运动而言是箇中老手。赢得许多超马赛事的林义杰在 2006 年成为了四大极地赛的总冠军后而完成创举。他首要的成就就是与其他两位耐力赛的专家徒步穿越了撒哈拉沙漠。挑战难以应付的环境、疲劳加上受伤,他们在一百一十一天内完成了六千九百公里的路程,这并不是为了赢得比赛的兴奋感,而是为了要唤起非洲人民饮用干净水需求的觉悟。由于有了像林义杰这样的冒险家,超级马拉松这项运动已经在台湾和世界各地攀上新的高峰。

答案: 1. D 2. F 3. B 4. E 5. A




Ultra Men and Women|超越巅峰