Ridley Scott: One of the World's(b)|鬼才电影制作人:雷利.史考特

Ridley Scott: One of the World's

Most Accomplished Filmmakers

by Brian Foden

Ridley Scott is famous for a lot more than just making great science fiction movies.

  Starting with his first major hit, Alien, Ridley Scott displayed a distinctive visual style that appealed to audiences. He says he realized the potential of movies with amazing special effects after watching Star Wars in 1977. Whereas Star Wars had a fast-paced, comic-book style, Alien was given an entirely different treatment under Scott's direction. It was moody and suspenseful and used music and sound to magnify the film's atmosphere. In Alien, Blade Runner, and later in Prometheus, Scott used highly detailed designs and backdrops along with effective lighting to convey a feeling of eeriness. Blade Runner in particular is notable for its stylized, futuristic urban landscape, which has influenced many movies since. He has been credited with having a great influence on filmmakers, but some criticize his elaborate attention to detail.

  Scott tends to use slow pacing at first to build suspense and then creates thrilling scenes by editing the action at critical points to make it fast paced. Sometimes he uses a gritty realness, like in Black Hawk Down, which was based on the real-life conflict between American soldiers and heavily armed Somalis in Mogadishu. With his enormously successful Gladiator, Scott brought the glory and brutality of ancient Rome to life in a stunning way. He was rewarded for his epic work with an Oscar for Best Picture as well as one for his leading actor, Russell Crowe.   Fortunately for moviegoers, Ridley Scott is still motivated to push films forward by directing and producing well into his 70s.      




  从《异形》这部卖座电影开始,雷利.史考特使用与众不同的视觉风格来吸引观众的目光。他表示,1977 年看完了《星际大战》之后,他便意识到这种运用惊人特效电影所带来的潜力。《星际大战》是快节奏且带有漫画风格的电影,但《异形》在史考特的执导下,风格截然不同。它是令人感伤且悬疑紧张的,并运用配乐及音效来加强营造电影的氛围。在《异形》、《银翼杀手》甚至后来的《普罗米修斯》中,史考特运用了非常精细的设计及背景,搭配特殊的灯光效果以传达出一种阴森的感觉。特别是《银翼杀手》以其充满艺术风格的未来城市景观而著名,而这项手法从那时起已对许多电影产生了影响。史考特也被归功于影响许多电影制作人,但也有人批评他拍片时太过注重细节。





Ridley Scott: One of the World's(b)|鬼才电影制作人:雷利.史考特