The Value of Brushing Your Teeth|爱吃又不刷牙,代价真大

The Value of Brushing Your Teeth




  Jamie was overweight and loved to eat junk food. His mother repeatedly warned him about his unhealthy eating habits, but it was all in vain. He devoured potato chips, cakes, and cookies like there was no tomorrow. Just as bad, he never brushed his teeth despite his mother's urgings.

  One day, while munching on goodies on the sofa, Jamie felt a sharp pain in his mouth. It was so intense that Jamie screamed out in agony. Jamie's mother ran into the living room and saw her son grabbing his face, so she called the dentist's office immediately. Fortunately, the dentist was able to fit Jamie in his schedule right away. Once the dentist finished examining Jamie's teeth, she told him the bad news. Three of his teeth had cavities, and another was so rotten it needed a root canal. After this horrific experience, Jamie drastically cut down on his junk food intake, and he started brushing and flossing his teeth after every meal.






The Value of Brushing Your Teeth|爱吃又不刷牙,代价真大