A Terrible Trip|旅游惊魂记

A Terrible Trip



  Two months ago, Ron and his two friends traveled to Egypt on vacation. The highlight of their trip was seeing the pyramids and the Sphinx at Giza. The three young men were so amazed by the wonderful sights they didn't notice that a man was eyeing them fiercely. The man was a thief and immediately knew they were tourists, so he followed Ron and his friends into a souvenir shop.

  Ron spotted a miniature Sphinx that he wanted to buy. He was looking at the souvenir so closely that he wasn't paying attention to the thief behind him. Carefully, the thief reached into Ron's pocket and tried to take his wallet. Fortunately, Ron's friends happened to see what the thief was doing and made a commotion. Ron turned around and saw the thief, who had his wallet in his hand. Ron and his friends tackled the thief and turned him in to the police. Since then, Ron has been much more careful with his valuables.






A Terrible Trip|旅游惊魂记