Eating Insects Is Good for You|吃昆虫对你有益

Eating Insects Is Good for You

by Marcus Maurice

When you see an insect, you probably think it's an icky creature. Many people around the world, though, see it as something yummy to eat.

  In Thailand, food carts on streets are filled with crickets, wood- and bamboo-worms, grasshoppers, and beetles. Most visitors are freaked out by the thought of eating insects, but many try them just to say they have done it. Usually, these snacks are fried in a wok for a few minutes and covered in Golden Mountain sauce, a popular _(1)_ in Thai food, and Thai pepper.

  In other parts of the world, insect eating _(2)_ on for centuries. In Mexico, crickets are salted and roasted and used as a topping for guacamole. Worms are also added _(3)_ bottles of alcohol like tequila. In Ghana, termites are ground up into flour when people need something to tide them over until they can afford to purchase more wheat flour. In Brazil, queen ants are dipped into chocolate and are supposed to taste very minty. Even in China, insects like silk worms and bee larvae are enjoyed.

  There are more than 100 insect species _(4)_ in 80 percent of the countries around the globe. Usually, these countries are poorer nations that are _(5)_ around the tropics. While it may sound _(6)_, eating insects is actually healthy. As a matter of fact, fried grasshoppers contain 60 percent protein and only six percent fat. Many people believe that eating bugs is no different than consuming some of the foods that are already considered delicacies. After all, shrimp, crawfish, and lobsters are _(7)_ the insects of the ocean.

1. (A) advantage (B) ingredient (C) campaign (D) technique

2. (A) has been going (B) goes (C) went (D) had gone

3. (A) with (B) in (C) to (D) for

4. (A) eat (B) ate (C) eating (D) eaten

5. (A) evaluated (B) declared (C) situated (D) imitated

6. (A) curious (B) gross (C) identical (D) objective

7. (A) commercially (B) vividly (C) faithfully (D) basically




  在泰国,街道上卖吃的推车充斥着蟋蟀、木蛀虫、竹蛀虫、蚱蜢和甲虫。大多数的游客被吃昆虫的念头吓坏了,但许多人会尝试吃昆虫,只为了向别人说他们有做过这件事。这些点心通常会先在锅里油炸几分钟,接着淋上一种泰国食物中相当受欢迎的原料  金山酱油以及泰国胡椒。



答案: 1. B 2. A 3. C 4. D 5. C

6. B 7. D




Eating Insects Is Good for You|吃昆虫对你有益