Creating Happy Workplaces|创造愉快的职场环境

Creating Happy Workplaces

  Apple's new ring-shaped spaceship headquarters, to be built at a cost of US$5 billion in California, will include an orchard for workers to wander in. Also in California, Google's new campus will feature walkways designed to encourage people to meet each other so they can discuss ideas. For its part, Facebook is putting the final touches on its Disneyland-inspired campus that includes a Main Street with a BBQ shack, sushi house, and bike shop, and it is already planning an even larger, more exciting new campus across the street from its current facilities in Menlo Park, California.

  More than ever before, technology firms want their employees to come to the office rather than work from home, and many are now offering things such as free meals, massages, and gyms. Many of the world's major tech firms are currently building new headquarters or expanding their old ones. Most will be huge like Apple's campus, which will soon be one of the world's largest workplaces. On the outside, many of the new buildings have striking architectural designs. Inside, there are walls you can draw on, ping pong tables, Lego stations, video game machines, and free haircuts. Companies say extraordinary campuses are necessary to recruit and retain top talent and to encourage creativity.

  "Companies led by older people tend to be very controlling, but young people today are capable of working on their own and having fun at the same time," said Kevin Wheeler, the head of the Future of Talent Institute, which advises companies on how to get the most from their workers.

  Google has no policy requiring people to be at work, but the company says it wants people to want to come in. "We work hard to create the healthiest and happiest workplace possible so that our workers will be inspired and will create great things," said spokeswoman Katelin Todhunter-Gerberg. With such great treats and freebies on offer at their workplaces, it seems that techies never had it so good.






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Creating Happy Workplaces|创造愉快的职场环境