Tales of the Brothers Grimm(b)|大人小孩都爱的格林童话

  The Brothers Grimm are responsible for turning folk tales into timeless classics. Walt Disney enjoyed their stories so much that he transformed them into animated movies. In fact, Disney's first full-length animated movie was one of the Grimms' most popular stories, Snow White. This tale is about a girl who is kicked out of her royal home by her evil stepmother. Snow White then takes shelter with seven dwarves in the forest until the evil stepmother casts a spell that puts her into a deep sleep.

  In Hansel and Gretel, the Brothers Grimm tell of a brother and sister who get lost in the woods. They find a house made of candy and are invited inside by an old woman. However, once inside, the old woman turns into a witch and tries to eat them. Another tale that was adored by Disney as well as children is Cinderella. In it, a girl becomes a slave in her own home after her father dies. The mean stepmother and her terrible daughters don't allow Cinderella to do anything fun, especially attend the ball where all single women in the village are invited. Even so, thanks to her fairy godmother and some magic, Cinderella sneaks into the ball and steals a prince's heart.

  The Brothers Grimm were not the only ones documenting fairy tales, but their enchanting stories have stood the test of time. They will always hold a special place in the hearts of people young and old alike.

     1.     What is the article mainly about?

(A) The literary achievements and stories of two brothers.

(B) The history of the famous Grimm family.

(C) Fairy tales and how they have changed over the ages.

(D) The struggles of the Brothers Grimm and the world they lived in.

     2.     Which historical event helped increase the brothers' interest in folklore?

(A) The start of World War I.

(B) The Romantic Movement that spread across Europe.

(C) Germany becoming its own country and establishing a language.

(D) The crowning of the King of Germany in 1830.

     3.     Which is NOT an achievement of the Brothers Grimm?

(A) Publishing Children's and Household Tales.

(B) Establishing the Grimm Law about the German language.

(C) Creating a new style of speaking German that became popular with the upper class.

(D) Creating an extremely detailed dictionary of their native language.

     4.     Which fairy tale revolves around a girl sneaking into a party at a palace?

(A) Old German Forests.

(B) Snow White.

(C) Hansel and Gretel.

(D) Cinderella.

  格林兄弟对于将民间故事转变为不朽的经典有很大的功劳。华特.迪斯尼很喜欢他们的故事,并因此将这些故事改编为动画片。事实上,迪斯尼第一部长篇动画片就是格林童话里其中一个最受欢迎的故事  《白雪公主》。这个故事是讲述有个女孩被她邪恶的后母给赶出了皇宫。后来白雪公主和 7 个小矮人在森林中找到了栖身之处,一直到邪恶的后母施魔法让白雪公主沉沉睡去。



答案: 1.   A   2.   B   3.   C   4.   D








Tales of the Brothers Grimm(b)|大人小孩都爱的格林童话